Hello, How are you?

Hello, My name’s Dash, and I’m feeling really good with my recent release out now on Soul Deep Recordings called, Indulge.

Give us a little background

Growing up in the ’80s and 90’s I was heavily influenced by the Hip-hop culture. Immersed in the world of Hip-Hop, I was drawn to graffiti, something which I am very passionate about and still do to this day. I have always been an artistic and creative person, I was born and grew up in Nottingham which has a very rich history with Hip-hop and dance culture. I love the Dj-ing, music, and break dancing aspects to the Hip-hop culture, Dj-ing came later; it was the influence that Hip-hop had on dance culture that drew me in that direction.
I dabbled with a bit of production around 1995 but didn’t really start taking it seriously until about 2005. Djing was my first love, when it came to drum and bass, production came much later- I became addicted to buying records and learning to DJ.
Nottingham had some great shops where you could get some great records – Arcade Records, Just Grooves, Selecta Disc, and Tuff Records. My addiction to breakbeats came from my love of the Hip-hop artists like Big Daddy Kane, Mantronix, and of course the godfather of soul James Brown. The progression from Hip-hop into dance music is one that is familiar and known to many people. Dance music was becoming a modern version of Hip-hop and I’ve always loved instrumentals, breaks, and basslines.

How were you introduced to drum and bass?

Before drum and bass, we knew it as Acid House which progressed into the rave scene. The reggae influences, hip-hop influences which fused into the music and Jungle was born. The music became more break beat and bassline orientated with influences from reggae, hip-hop, and other genres which then later progressed into drum and bass and jungle.
It’s a story that many people are familiar with, I am very lucky to have experienced some of the greatest raves and parties around that era like Raindance, Amnesia, Fantasia, Perception, Rage, Blue note to name a few. When I first heard Dj’s like Grooverider and Fabio, Doc Scott, the whole experience was so fascinating – new, but had all the elements of the things that I had grown up with. Everyone was coming together to enjoy the music – it was an energetic time.

You had a new artist profile album come out on SoulDeep, tell us about the album.

To be able to write an album – my album, Indulge, – and then have it released on Soul Deep recordings has been an amazing experience! and one from which I have learned so much. I was very fortunate enough to be able to write more music because I have had more time. Some of the tracks on the album were actually older tracks which I re-visited and brought them up to date. Lovers of drum and bass commonly refer to the Golden Era which was in the early ’90s to mid-’90s, it was this sound that had a heavy influence on me, and I think that is shown throughout the LP.

Tell us about the album

When writing the tracks for Indulge I mainly had in mind tracks for the dancefloor. I have always loved how drum and bass takes from film, something which I have tried to recreate with a more up-to-date feel. I have the utmost respect for the pioneers of the drum and bass scene, other artists and DJ’s have laid the path for others to follow. I think this LP is a nod to all of those great artists who have heavily infuenced my sound. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here. I love atmospheric liquid drum and bass and jungle and think that is clearly shown throughout most of the tracks on the album. I have learned so much in writing the tracks on the album and still learning all the time. I used a lot of classic breaks throughout the LP, breaks like Soul Pride, Think, and of course the Amen break, and never seem to get tired of using them. I think they have a lot of energy and movement which is something I try to bring to all of my tracks. Although I have written the album myself, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the people who are close to me and their love and support, and a lot of patience.

Who are some of your biggest influences as a producer?

Within the drum and bass scene producers like Photek and Caliber are obvious ones to mention and have had such an influence on so many people, A guy called Gerald, Total Science, Ltj Bukem, Dillinja, and DJ’s like Randall and Micky Finn. There are so many other names I could mention because there are so many talented, gifted producers writing great drum and bass music like Furney and Madcap, Scott Allen, Blade, and where they have taken the music. When writing Indulge there was a lot of producers bringing back the old sound and this was something I definitely wanted to get the feel of throughout the LP. Non-drum and bass artists like Khruangbin, Floating Points which I listened to when I was writing the album have definitely had an influence. I have always had this drive to want to create and produce my own music, because of the space and time I have had, it has allowed me that freedom to do so and I enjoyed every minute of being in the studio. A combination of encouragement, not giving up and my passion for the music all came together which enabled me to be able to properly indulge myself with production.
When you are not listening to drum and bass what are the favourite artists you like to listen to?
Outside of drum and bass, I listen to Hip-hop, jazz, House, and Soul, however, if I like a track, no matter what genre it is, then I like it. I love listening to orchestral stuff, Lalo Schifrin, Herbie Hancock, and Donald Byrd.

Do you have a favourite drum and bass track – new or old?

When it comes to choosing a favourite drum and bass track new or old it is a really tough one. There are so many good tracks. Secret Liaison by Source Direct, Highlander by Caliber, The Western by PFM, Deadly Deep Subs by Dillinja, 28 Gun bad boy by Guy called Gerald I mean you get the idea. It’s so diffcult, these are just a few, to be able to choose one is almost impossible. In fact, the more I think about it, it gets even harder to try and choose one track that is my favourite.

You have been around the drum and bass scene a long time, what do you think of the scene and where it has evolved to?

I think the drum and bass scene at the moment is as good as it has ever been. It is continuing to grow throughout the world. I love the fact that it is a form of music that came from the UK, and it’s amazing how other artists from around the world have put their spin on this wonderful style of music. I think the drum and bass scene has got a real strong core base of fans. This is a testament to all of the artists who have worked so hard over the years creating amazing music and events for people to continuously enjoy. That’s why I think

the future is bright for drum and bass – the amount of new producers and artists is great and growing all of the time. Drum and bass stands out and always will do. It is not like other dance genres – even with tracks going into the charts it will still have an underground element to it. I suppose like De la Soul said, “I do want it to blow up but I don’t want it to go pop!”, so I am quite happy for the scene to remain underground as long it keeps its longevity which I think it will.

What else do you have coming up that we can look forward to?

I have been back in the studio and I am really pleased to say I have got some more tracks coming out on Soul Deep which will be in the New Year. I have some tracks coming out on Smooth and Groove Records which will be released sometime in the beginning of 2022. I have got a release on FX 909 Music that is due in December.
I know you have a radio show on GLR, when can we expect to turn in to hear your show?
I have been playing on an internet radio station called Ground Level Radio since about 2016. The opportunity to play on the station was given to me by a good friend, and excellent DJ – Dj Skoobz. We have very similar taste in music. He was a vinyl junkie and was a massive fan of Good Looking Records and Soul Deep Recordings, he sadly passed away far too early in 2020
You can catch me on the Ground Level Radio every Saturday for an hour if not more, from 8 PM (GMT). I really do miss playing out in clubs, it is where the vibe really is and something I haven’t done for quite some time, but hopefully intend to get back into a bit more in the near future. There is nothing like hearing the sound of drum and bass on a big rig and the atmosphere of people enjoying it.

Would you like to give ant shout-outs?

Scott Allen for giving me this opportunity.
Big shouts out to Smooth n Groove, Chris and Tyler
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My Mum, my love Irene,my daughter Ella, my little sister looby and Zephyr our cat!
And everyone supporting my music thank you, big love x

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