As a part of running the label, Scott has mastered hundreds of songs and has developed a signature sound that clients can trust.  Labels such as Liquid Drops, Telluric Recordings, Complex Recordings, Sonata Recordings, Sunshine Recordings, Soul Source, Soul Bass, and artists such as Lurch, mSdoS, Basic Forces, Conspire, MJT, Al Pack, and many more have come to trust me as their mastering engineer of choice.


I’m excited to start my new service to help artists get an outstanding product that they can push and feel good about sending to labels and other artists.

  • 15 GBP per tune for mastering




  • Songs should be sent in 44100, 24 bit, -6 peak volume on the master channel. No effects should be used on the master channel when sending pre-masters.

For more information please get in touch.