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Smooth N Groove


Soul Deep vs Smooth N Groove is taking their annual event to the airwaves. This time, the intention is to help raise funds for artists that are struggling for income due to the cancellation of almost all events around the world. We’ve recruited some of the top artists in the Liquid Drum & Bass scene to take part in the event. The Event will be happening on Future Sounds Radio on April 18th & 19th.  We are pleased to share the full lineup with everyone, and we are very thankful for the Deejays that agreed to take part in the event.  Please tune in and enjoy the musical therapy, during these difficult and trying times. If you like what you hear, please think about donating what you can to help the artists who are being hit the hardest by the club closures. All proceeds will be donated to the artists we feel could use the help. If you believe in the cause, and you want to do something to help contribute, please share this with your friends and encourage them to do the same! And of course, if you can find it in your heart, financial donations will be much appreciated. Let’s get the word out and create an unstoppable wave of peace, love, and music.

ALL proceeds raised will go directly to the artists who are most in need.  If you would like to donate to the cause, please do so by submitting your donation to our PayPal at:

Thanks for supporting your beloved artists!

Deejay Lineup – Saturday:

Missfortune – 15-16:00
Euphorics – 16-17:00
Sevin – 17-18:00
Silence Groove – 18-19:00
Christal – 19-20:00
Flaco – 20-21:00
Jrumhand – 21-22:00
Dave Owen – 22-23:00

Deejay Lineup – Sunday:

Toez – 15-16:00
Carter – 16-17:00
Scott Allen – 17-18:00
Bert H – 18-19:00
SoulStructure – 19-20:00
Blade – 20-21:00
Bryan Gee – 21-22:00
Clen – 22-23:00


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