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Soul Deep Exclusives is proud to announce the release of the new Madcap – Vibrations EP. Madcap is undoubtably one of the best Liquid/Jungle producers in the game, and the Vibrations EP is another example of why he has earned that reputation. From start to finish, he fills the listeners ears with bouncy rhythms, tightly wound drums, energetic atmospherics, and rolling sub basslines, that are geared toward peak time dancefloor sets. Madcap has become well known for his classic releases on Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Mac II, Fokuz, Vibez ’93, Myriad, Jazzsticks, Symmetry, AKO Beatz, and Liquid V. Most of his songs are instantly recognizable because he has developed a signature sound that walks the line between Liquid, Jungle, and classic Jungle. Each genre plays a vital role in his development as an artist and comes through in each floor filling track that he writes. His tracks are constantly rocked by some of the big names in the scene including LTJ Bukem, Randall, Fabio & Grooverider, DJ Storm , Stunna, and many more.

The Vibrations EP begins with the absolute banger, and title track to the EP, “Vibrations”. The masterful production features, dubby efx and vocal hits, backed by snappy, popping drums, perfectly placed tribal percussion, and an 808 bassline that will be heard from blocks away. An instant classic tune by Madcap. “Just Imagine”, is up next and features smooth vocals, a rolling sub bassline, echoing flutes and keys, an arpeggiated synth line, all backed by a drum pattern that takes after the famous Funky Drummer pattern. Outstanding! Next up, is the outstanding soulful roller entitled, “Faith of the Seven”. From eerie synth chords, softly moaning chants, to a bouncy 808 style bassline, the track stands out as top Liquid roller for 2020. One for the headphones, for sure. ‘Nuff Said! Lastly, “Space Warp”, finishes things off with its swirling efx, big spring reverbs, rolling drums, and a HUGE 808 bassline. The song pays well deserved homage to the early Hardcore tunes from the early 90’s, and reminds us that the music is fun! This is definitely one for the dancefloor! Overall, the “Vibrations EP” sets Madcap apart as one of the top Liquid producers in the game. At Soul Deep, we’re very honored to be able to call him a regular contributor to the label. Keep your eyes on him, as he has many more BIG projects to share in 2020, including a new 12” release on Soul Deep! For now, enjoy this instant classic of a release.


LTJ Bukem – 10/10 – “Big fan of Madcap, love the EP, favorite track is Space Warp.”

Dave Owen – 10/10 – “New EP is dope af!”

DJ Rome – 10/10 – “Madcap is always ace… Full support”

Euphorics – 10/10 – “Can’t miss with Madcap!”

Greekboy – 10/10 – “My favorite producer heats it up again with excellent tunes”

Duoscience – 9/10 – “Amazing release”





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