Scott Allen

Scott Allen

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Scott grew up in Seattle, Washington (USA), and was a big music lover at a young age. At 10 years old, he fell in love with new wave music and the synth driven tunes of the early 80’s. A couple of years later, he began a new passion, collecting Hip-Hop music. Most of Scott’s influence in his music production comes from these early inspirations. Whether it’s Michael Jackson, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Electro, or 80’s synth pop, he knew he had a passion for music and would search for the latest rhythm and sound that would satisfy his soul.

When Scott was 18 years old, he moved to the L.A. area to attend college and play water polo at Chapman University. When he moved into his dorm room he met his future deejay partner and Neosoul band partner, Tim Andren. Scott and Tim would spend hours talking about music and seeing who could supply the best, most underground hip hop tune with the most addictive beats and sounds. During this period in his life Scott was introduced to Breakbeat, Hardcore Breaks, early Jungle, and Ambient Dub Music. Scott immediately fell in love with the overall feel and freedom with the music. Almost every weekend he would drive to L.A. began scour all of the L.A. music stores and would attend club events to experience his new found love.

At about the age of 21, Scott and his roommates bought their first set of turntables and the passion for the music grew into an intense love. About 2 weeks after he bought his turntables, he was already circulating his mix tapes and getting booked to play at clubs and parties in L.A. After a year or two of playing local shows, Scott began playing shows all over the USA and Canada, exposing these areas to the Neosoul breakbeat sound. He was fortunate enough to play alongside such heavy hitting acts as DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Bassbin Twins, and many other big names.

When the breakbeat scene slowed down around 2001, Scott went back to his roots in electronic music and began enjoying the sounds of Jungle music, only now the music was more refined. He began to go to Drum & Bass events and would catch LTJ Bukem & Conrad, and the rest of the Good Looking crew every time they would perform in the Southern California area. He was drawn to the melodic, jazzy, and ethereal sounds of Drum & Bass music, and he especially liked it with Conrad hypnotically weaving his lyrics over the tunes. He began collecting Drum & Bass records and also started producing Drum & Bass in about 2004. It was also around this time that Scott further developed his passion for Reggae and Dub music. You can definitely hear the influence that these genres of music have had in his music.

His production became more serious when people started hearing his songs and began to show interest in wanting more of his sound. After a few years of producing and getting a number of tracks signed to major labels, Scott decided to start his own label, Soul Deep Recordings. Since Soul Deep’s inception in January 2011, the label has seen a great amount of success and has been established as one of the top Liquid/Deep/Jazzy labels in

the music game. In addition to releasing many EP’s on Soul Deep, Scott has released music on a number of other top labels including, Fokuz, Celsius, Good Looking, Telluric, Celsius, Soul Rebel, Jazzsticks, Phuzion, Liquid V, Atmomatix and Sheer Velocity. Currently, Scott keeps himself busy pushing the record label and playing shows as often as he can. Scott has many forthcoming projects in the pipeline, including a collaboration LP with Furney, a solo album, which will be released on Soul Deep in the near future, and a collaboration EP with Critical Event, which will be released on Fokuz Recordings on July 15th. Also, Scott has joined forces with the Smooth N Groove imprint to start a new vinyl super-label entitled, Rhythm Syndicate Records. The label will begin producing vinyl releases in later 2019. You can follow Scott on Social Media to keep up to date with his releases.

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