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Soul Deep Exclusives & Furney are excited to announce the release of the Other Soul LP, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming sites. The British producer has been active in the Drum & Bass scene for the last couple of decades, releasing many classic tracks that have withstood the test of time. Furney is a master of using samples and the Other Soul LP is another example of his keen sampling ear. He chooses perfect samples from various music genres and crafts perfect grooves that make them come to life. With releases on Soul Deep Exclusives, Smooth N Groove, Good Looking, Jazzsticks, C.I.A., Phuzion, V Recordings, Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism, and many others, Furney continues to impress with his high-quality productions.

The Other album kicks off with the wicked track, “Ain’t No Love,” which features steady percussive breaks, ominous horn blasts, catchy Reggae-style vocals, and a big sub-bassline that fits the groove like a glove. The other stand-out tracks from the album include the deep anthem, “Other Soul” the soul-scorching, “Lassiters,” and “Thank You For Listening.” Overall, the Other Soul LP provides another glimpse into Furney’s unique production mind, and provides more proof on why he’s one of the most creative minds in the scene. We hope you enjoy this LP!

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Ain't No Love, Lassiters, Mountpelier, See You Soon, Tonight, Other Soul, Alchemy, Nineteen Ninety-Four, Skirmish, Thank You For Listening, Centurado, Avenues & Alleyways, Everything is Closed, Never Ran Away, Whole LP – Wav

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