Aleyum – Eluding Dreams


Aleyum makes his debut on Soul Deep Recordings in stunning fashion. “Eluding Dreams” is a rich, atmospheric journey into the more intelligent sound of Liquid. The title track, “Eluding Dreams”, starts things off with its epic strings, moody vocal samples, tasteful key strokes, chunky drums, and low rumbling sub bassline. “Rushing West”, is up next and features uplifting pads, lush key stabs, funky guitar licks, and an epic guitar solo during the main breakdown. “Glowing Memories”, finishes things off and features more of what you’ve come to expect from Aleyum. With its punchy drums, lingering keys, sweet reverbs, filtered Reese style bassline, and tasteful guitar fills, the song rounds out the EP in Glowing fashion. With this EP, Aleyum has established himself as one to watch in the Liquid D&B scene.

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