Soul Deep Recordings and Smooth N Groove are excited to announce part of the lineup for the event on March 31st in Northampton!! Tickets will go on sale for the event on Jan. 1st and will sell out quickly. Believe it or not, there are still a few more talented deejays to announce at a later date. It’s going to be a memorable night, for sure!


Madcap (Creative Wax/Soul Deep/Smooth N Groove)
Furney (Good Looking/Soul Deep/Smooth N Groove)
mSdoS (Good Looking/Soul Deep/Smooth N Groove)
Big Bud (Soundtrax/Good Looking)
Malaky (Fokuz/Soul Deep/Smooth N Groove)
Scott Allen (Soul Deep/Fokuz/Jazzsticks)


MC Longman

… And many more deejays to announce later!

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