Atlantic Connection – Deep Within


Soul Deep Exclusives is proud to announce the release of the soulful sounds of Atlantic Connection – Deep Within EP. The Iconic producer makes his debut on Soul Deep with two deep cuts, which were inspired by his new surroundings in Bogota, Colombia. With past releases on Fokuz, Dispatch, Creative Source, Prestige, Westbay, Advanced, and Peer Pressure Recordings, Atlantic Connection has developed a signature sound that has helped make him one of the most seminal producers in our scene. “Caramel,” is the first track from the release, setting the mood with its snappy drums, melancholic horns, lush pads, eerie guitar feedback, and heartfelt vocals. “Mothership,” completes the EP with its rattling percussion, smooth trumpet blasts, epic vocals, and bouncy bassline. It’s an honor to feature such inspiring music on Soul Deep, and we’re looking forward to representing more from Atlantic Connection in the near future. Smoothness!!

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