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Hailing from Ipswich, in the United Kingdom, Conrad Subs has burst upon the scene extremely quickly. The Honestly EP is an example of why his name is quickly becoming known by most Liquid D&B fans. “Honestly”, kicks things off and features epic pads, long reverb efx, heartwarming acoustic guitar strings, and angelic voices. When the drop hits, the perfectly spliced Amen Drums rattle and roll, while the sub bassline shakes the inner soul. The song is the perfect balance between beauty and beast. “Fight”, is up next and is highlighted by whirling pads, classic jazzy breaks samples, a gritty bassline, chirping keys, and pitched down vocals that soar above the beautifully crafted soundscape. “I Want, I Need”, is up next and features steady ticking drums, soft background atmospherics, and R&B sounding vocals. When the drop hits, the bassline is introduced and a head nodding groove is the result. As the groove chugs along, mid bassline stabs are built into the empty spaces. “Odd One Out”, finishes things off in impressive fashion. The song features snappy drums, perfectly pitched down vocals, a bouncy bassline, slapping percussion, a hypnotic chord stab that filters up and down, enhancing the beauty of the groove. It’s easy to see why Conrad Subs is quickly establishing himself as a big player in the Liquid D&B scene. Give him a follow by going to the links below!!



Conrad Subs – Facebook


If you like what you hear, here’s a link to one of his previous releases on Soul Deep:


Conrad Subs – Fallen Behind EP

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