Jrumhand & Poschek – Jazz Tears

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Soul Deep Exclusives, Poschek & Jrumhand are proud to release the new ‘JAZZ TEARS’ EP. At Soul Deep, we read a recent post that said that the pairing of Jrumhand and Poschek is a “match made in heaven.” Soul Deep agrees whole-heartedly with this assessment. Both artists are great individually, but when their styles blend, it’s magical. Jrumhand brings the heavy Amen drum patterns, layered perfectly with other classical breaks, and his signature piano flutters, while Poschek slides in some of the Rhodes sounding keys, and sound fx. Both songs on the EP are a smooth, but intense journey from beginning to end. When the songs end, you’ll be finding yourself wanting to go back for more! Jrumhand and Poschek are both well represented on Soul Deep, each boasting many releases on the label. After this EP the Soul Deep massive will be begging for more from this talented duo. Heavenly sounds!

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  1. Catalina

    yeeeeeees! It’s finally out! I’ve been waiting for the release ever since I heard the preview on Soundcloud. <3 Ahhh this is a great day! Amazing work Poschek and Jurmhand! <3 Much love to everyone at Soul Deep Recordings!!

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