Jrumhand – Sennet


Soul Deep Exclusives and Jrumhand are proud to announce the new Sennet EP. Jrumhand returns to Soul Deep, in stylish fashion, after releasing the Jazz Tears EP with fellow co-producer Poschek. This time, Jrumhand goes solo and creates some deep, jazzy vibes like only he can. The EP starts off with the undeniable grooves and sounds of “Swiv.” The song features Jrumhands signature rolling Amen breaks, funky guitar licks, a low rumbling bassline, and hypnotic key samples that evolve as the song progresses. The second song from the release, “Sennet,” features more rolling Amen drums, a booming sub bassline, and energetic majestic horns that blast off through out the song. The song packs a great amount of energy, perfect for peak time dancefloor usage. Overall, the Sennet EP further highlights Jrumhand’s ability to craft amazing Drum & Bass compositions that have depth and undeniable dancefloor appeal.

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