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Soul Deep Exclusives and Furney are proud to present the Under Below LP, which is now available in all major digital download stores. The Bristol native, who now resides in Spain, returns to Soul Deep with another outstanding LP offering. Furney, is well known for creating unique, emotive, and energetic grooves, by blending his masterful Rhodes keys with obscure samples from his library. His grooves are legendary and have helped sculpt the Liquid sound that we have grown to love today. With many successful releases on some of the top labels in the scene including Good Looking, Jazzsticks, C.I.A., Phuzion, V Recordings, Soul Deep, and Smooth N Groove, Furney continues to deliver for his ever-growing fan base.

The Under Below LP provides more of the signature Furney vibes that people desire. The album kicks off with the wicked title track, which features chopped-up breaks, a melancholic piano sample, expertly Chopped breakbeats, and a minimal sub-bassline that fits the groove like a glove. The other stand-out tracks from the album include the heavy, “Shadow Science,” the soul scorching, “Sensations,” and “Travel In a Day.” “Travel In a Day,” features the outstanding vocal stylings of the one and only, Lady Emz. Overall, the Under Below LP provides another glimpse into Furney’s amazing production mind and provides more proof of why he’s one of the most creative minds in the scene. We hope you enjoy this LP!

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Under Below, Spiral Tribe, Showdown, Shadow Science, Hocus Pocus, Bengo, Intros, Love Restoration, 1996, Travel In a Day, Sensations, McCormack, Sung Ra, Lunar Tunes, Hurt Feelings, Whole LP – Wav

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