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Soul Deep Exclusives, mSdoS & Subsid are proud to announce the release of the “Red Curls EP”.  The Red Curls EP is a true journey into the soul, while being uplifted with infectious grooves.   The collaboration songs are a product of two artists exchanging creative genius while living thousands of miles apart, as mSdoS, makes his home in Greece, and Subsid is from beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The two artists have been writing a lot of music together and these are some of the finest track to come out of their sessions.  “Red Curls” kicks off with deep chord stabs, chirping keys, and heartfelt Rhodes scales.  The track hits the drop and takes off with its Reggae vocal samples, dubby efx, snapping Amen drums, and bouncy bassline.  The EP is finished off with the undeniable grooves of “Greco In Sao Paulo”.  The tune is a stripped down roller of a track, featuring snappy drums, epic pads, sparkling Rhodes keys, a bouncy 808 style bassline, and soft female vocals.  Overall, this EP showcases the magic when 2 artists from across the globe collaborate on a D&B musical masterpiece.


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