Oddsoul – Relight EP (Available Now Exclusively on the SDR Website!)


Soul Deep Digital and Oddsoul are proud to announce the release of the RELIGHT EP, on Soul Deep Digital. Oddsoul, who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a very underrated Liquid Drum & Bass producer. His songs possess a vibe that is perfect for the dancefloor, or just chilling with the headphones on. The Relight EP showcases Oddsoul’s ability to craft complex soundscapes, while taking the production over the top with lush vocals samples. From deep pads, to snappy drums, and deep sub basslines, Oddsoul give us all what we need in the current state of affairs, a lush, relaxing, intoxicating, release from reality. With releases on Fokuz, Celsius, and Soul Deep, Oddsoul is quickly putting himself on the list of producers to watch. Find out for yourself why he’s an up and coming producer. Push play and let the melodies move your soul.

This Oddsoul – Relight EP is available exclusively on the Soul Deep website. It won’t be available to stream, or download in other stores, until May.

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