Soul Connection – Dimensions LP: Soul Deep Artist Spotlight Series #8


Soul Deep Exclusives and Soul Connection are proud to announce the release of the Dimensions LP. The album represents the 8th journey into the Soul Deep Artist Spotlight Series. In this journey, we dive into the world of Serbian producer extraordinaire, Soul Connection. The iconic producer is well known for his monumental releases on Soundtrax, Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Inform, Influenza, and many other highly respected labels.

The Dimensions LP gives Soul Connection the chance to show the world what he’s capable of when given a whole album to craft his unique soundscapes. From the dirty dancefloor vibes of “Dimensions”, to the thought provoking vibes of “Too Late,” and the melancholic vibes of “From Dusk Til Dawn,” Soul Connection delivers his signature vibes from beginning to end. His snappy breaks cutting through the melodic pad, while the echoing vocals reflect the overall feel of the track. Soul Deep is excited to feature such a talented producer in the Artist Spotlight Series! So check out this new offering from Soul Connection, while he takes your brain to another dimension…..

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