Reflektor & Tyr Kohout ft. Savvy, Anastasia & Sydney – Footsteps EP


Canadian producers, Reflektor & Tyr Kohout make their Soul Deep label debut on the masterfully crafted EP entitled, Footsteps. On first listen, you can hear the advanced studio skills that these guys possess. The sounds they use are epic, and appear to be mode for one another, as they create the perfect backdrop for the talented vocalists they have highlighted. The EP features stunning vocals from Anastasia, Sydney, and Savvy, whose vocal talents add a beautiful and organic element to the cutting edge instrumentals. After a successful track on Shogun Audio, and a couple of releases on Technique Recordings, Reflektor joins the Soul Deep family, dropping the solo tunes, “Timebombs,” and “Watch Me Fall.” Tyr Kohout recently has been featured on releases from Audio Addict, Deviant Audio, and Skankandbass. He was also featured on a collab song with Schematic on Flight Pattern. Tyr drops a solo track, “Lost Forever,” and also collaborates with Anastasia on the track called, “For Tomorrow.” If you like your Drum & Bass with crisp beats, edgy synths, deep atmospherics, and lush vocals, then you won’t want to miss this EP by Reflektor & Tyr Kohout!

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