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Soul Deep Exclusives and Tim Cant are proud to announce the release of the Pure Immersion EP, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming sites. The Bristol-based producer returns to Soul Deep with another finely crafted group of musical compositions that take the listeners back to the golden era of Drum & Bass. Each track has the depth, ethereal soundscapes, and rolling 808-style basslines that we loved in the late 90’s. Tim’s love of this sound shines through in his productions, elevating the style to new heights with his highly refined ear for sound. With previous releases on Soul Deep, Jazzsticks, Spearhead, Soul Brothers, Phuzion Digital, Influenza, and others, Tim has created a stunning catalog of inspiring musical creations.

The Pure Immersion EP is another example of Tim’s superior musical production abilities. The EP kicks off with the title track, “Pure Immersion,” which features rolling drums, lush Rhodes chords, smooth horn samples, perfect vocals, and a serene bassline that glides along with the melody. “Wavestate,” is up next and is highlighted by rolling Amen drums, intelligent lead sounds, lush pads, swirling efx, and a rolling 808 bassline that adds the icing to the cake. “Simulated Sunrise,” rounds out the EP in style with its echoing piano sounds, filtered pads, emotional strings, snapping drums, ticking percussion, and bouncy 808 bassline. Overall, Tim Cant provides a master class on producing the updated and modern late 90’s sound that we love! Give it a listen and immerse yourself in the musical lushness!


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