Cosmic Sequence & Leniz – City Lights EP



The stars have aligned with this all star collaboration composition. Cosmic Sequence & Leniz team up to produce a melodic, hypnotic, and epic soundscape to lose yourself in, while pondering your inner most thoughts. The EP kicks off with the goose bump inducing track, “City Lights”. The track lifts off with its airy pads, steady snapping drums, Rhodes cords, and soulful vocals. When the song hits the drop, the Reese style bassline slides in underneath the groove giving the epic track just the right amount of gritty texture. The second track, “Go Along”, is another head nodding journey inwards. Snappy drums, revolving pads, and swirling efx lead to the first breakdown. When the drop hits, a soothing voice says, “I love this city….,” and the journey begins. The snappy drums are met with arpeggiated synths, heartfelt strings, and a dirty Reese style bassline that twists and turns underneath the blissful atmospherics. The third track, “Remininsce,” kicks off with melancholic piano cords, a distant synth pad, and a classic break sample that leads into the drop. A chugging Reese Bassline drops into the groove sending the track to new heights, while soothing the soul. This is some amazing work by 2 artists that are deserving of all the attention that they will receive from this masterpiece of an EP. Food for the Soul!!


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