D.Amadeus – Connected LP – Artist Spotlight #9


Soul Deep Digital & D.Amadeus are proud to present the Connection LP, which is now available in all major stores and streaming sites. The immaculate LP represents the 9th release in the Artist Spotlight Series. The series has been created to put artists in the spotlight, giving them a platform to represent their sound on a full album release. The listeners will come away knowing the sound that the artist represents, and I can guarantee that you’re going to like what D.Amadeus has to offer.

The Connection LP features the signature sound that D.Amadeus has brought to his productions. He’s become known for his intense soundscapes, filled with smooth synths, edgy basslines, soothing pianos, and heartfelt vocal samples. His compositions tug at the heartstrings with their beauty and emotive textures. Soul Deep is proud to have the Connection LP as a part of the label and the Artist Spotlight Series. As you’ll see, D.Amadeus has put his heart and soul into his work, and you can expect a deep, emotional experience as a result of his production abilities. Tune in, and get connected with this up-and-coming artist who deserves to be heard!

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Connection, Conversion, Dreamland, Every Time I See You, So Far From Home, Infinity, State of Consciousness, Roller Coaster, Sense, Spendour, Take My Hand, Transmigration of Souls, Whole LP – Wav

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