Drum Force 1 – In My Veins


Soul Deep Digital and Drum Force 1 are proud to present the In My Veins EP, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming platforms. Drum Force 1, who hails from Serbia, has released many EP’s on Soul Deep, but this one has a different feeling to it. Throughout the release, he channels the cold winter sounds, delivering bone chilling chords, ice cold melodies, all backed by tight rolling drum patterns. From the muted piano tones of “In My Veins,” to the dubby elements of “Pounce,” Drum Force 1 shows off his polished production techniques, and creates a masterpiece of a musical experience in the process. If you like your D&B on the deep side, with plenty of feelings and emotion, then you’re going to love this one from Drum Force 1! Deep vibes inside!

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In My Veins, Test Drive, Pounce, Emote, Whole EP – Wav

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