Embers of Light – You’re the Real One


After making the move to Saskatoon, Canada, Embers of Light has found new inspiration in creating his musical masterpieces. The “You're the Real One EP”, is an example of what the outstanding artist is capable of effortlessly whipping up in the studio. He seems to draw inspiration from the cold weather and beautiful scenery, mix that together with his extraordinary talent, and voila!! With recent releases on 4 Corners and Soul Deep Recordings, Embers of Light has been making a name for himself as one of the Liquid producers to watch. “You're the Real One”, kicks things off with its chunky drums, shimmering pads, haunting vocals, and serious bassline that fits the groove like a glove. “Electric Smile”, rounds out the EP in style with its snappy drums, laid back Rhodes sample, edgy Reese bassline, and epic vocals. If you're a fan of Deep Liquid Drum & Bass, this is it at it's finest!

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