Furney – Flames On Fire EP


Furney and Soul Deep Exclusives are proud to present the massive “Flames On Fire EP”. Just in time for the summer months, Soul Deep Exclusives iconic artist, Furney, drops this epic 4 track offering. Furney is one of the top producers in the scene, continuously dropping gem after gem, at an extraordinary clip. The Flames On Fire EP continues with that pattern, taking the listeners on a journey from the intro of the first track to the end of the last track. The EP kicks off with the epic roller, “Flames On Fire”. Furney takes a more artistic approach on the tune, forgoing the normal “format” of a tune and creates an interesting structure to the tune. The song starts out with some juggled up intro drums, dropping into a lush atmospheric soundscape. After your mind is lulled into submission by the hypnotic pads, the juggling drums come in over the top. The track continues to build up with tension, adding subtle elements, and creating anticipation for the drop. When the drop hits the bassline glides underneath the groove, creating the perfect vibe for any dancefloor. “Flames On Fire”, is a truly epic track from beginning to end. “Give It Up”, is up next a features a looping synth line, R&B style vocals, snapping drums, knocking percussion, chord stabs, and an intricate bassline that’s layered up with different frequencies. “Lonely Mistakes”, is next and features a long, filtered down, sustained pad sound, chirping guitar picks, snapping drums, and big bassline that rides underneath the intricate groove. The EP is topped off with the dancefloor roller, “Been In Love”. The track features rolling Amen drums, groovy piano chords, a smooth sub bassline, grimy mid bass, and a classic soul sounding “Been In Love”, vocal sample. From Beginning to end, another classic release from the vibe master, Furney.


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