Avalon Rays – Under the Stars



As to be expected from Soul Deep Digital, we’ve been presented with a collection of expertly executed gloriously deep cuts, this time the imprint welcomes back Southampton dweller Avalon Rays for his ‘Under The Stars EP’. The title track sees a collection of minor piano chords somberly dancing over a pattering drum pattern, while a hunting male vocal provides an emotive pull. ‘Still Waters’ a meditative vibe with a tribal drum pattern which appears between the main breaks and echoing shaman like calls, the sub on this is omnipresent and malevolent. ‘Let Me Go’ sees another collaboration between Avalon Rays and Kimberly Iji and her voice is the standout feature of the track, it soulfully and effortlessly dances over the piano led roller beneath with an impromptu sounding jazzy twang. ‘Sorrow’ again pairs a female vocalist with liquid blueprints, but creating a dream like quality with floaty pads, twinkling chimes and soft electric guitar.

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