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Furney returns to Soul Deep in style with his offering of the Visions EP. He’s well known in the D&B community for producing thick vibes that work great for chilled listening at home, as well as punishing the sound systems of clubs worldwide. “Break My Heart”, starts things off with a tender vibe, featuring light ticking breaks, layered sub bassline, floating piano chords, and an emotional vocal that speaks to the soul. “Windmills of Your Mind”, is a cinematic thriller of a track that boasts, eerie vocal samples, waving flute samples, a rolling sub bassline, and snappy drums. “Destination Unknown”, is a classic track from years ago that still sounds fresh today. If you roll out some classic early furney mixes, you may hear this one featured along with his many other classic tunes. The track features punchy drums, funky guitar licks, a pummeling bassline, and high pitched vocals that complete the classic feel. “I’m Awake Now”, rounds out the EP with it’s classic Amen drums, melancholic trumpet riffs, chiming pianos, and undeniable bassline that fits the groove like a glove. Another classic Furney EP!!

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