mSdoS – Nostalgia EP


mSdoS returns to Soul Deep and closes out the decade in stylish fashion. The Greek producer finds his more melancholic side, composing a song so beautiful that it sounds like a score from a feature film sunrise scene. The arpeggiated guitar sample, combines with wistful strings, fabricating a monumental backdrop to help escape the rigors of modern life. The track was begging for remixes, so Soul Deep has brought in some established producers to interpret the song through their lenses, and transform the song into something they envision. Brazilian producer, Subsid, is up first and steers the song into his world with washing synths, heartfelt vocals, smooth horn riffs, and an edgy bassline. Viewer has his own interpretation, which pays homage to the original by keeping the strings intact, and adding his own embellishments, only to strip it down to enjoy the raw groove of the track. The EP is rounded out with the cheeky tune, “Her Vans”. I was told the inspiration of the track by the artist himself… He explained that he was seated in coffee shop, enjoying his coffee, when in walked this stunning woman. You guessed it, she was wearing some Vans shoes. She made such an impression on the artist that he wrote a timeless track that captures the essence of love and beauty. mSdoS has been a staple of the Liquid Drum & Bass scene, and it’s looking like the new decade will be more of the same from the accomplished producer. Classic vibes!!

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