nClear & Eugenics Eight – New Life



nClear & Eugenics Eight return to Soul Deep with a thought provoking 4 track journey.  The journey begins with the title track, “It’s A New life”, which features soul stirring horn riffs, spine tingling vocals, warm pads, and tight drums.  Next up, nClear drops the Liquid Funk on his track, “Read Your Mind”.  The track is driven by a funky guitar riff, soft pads, rolling bassline, and soulful vocals.  “Falling In Love is Wonderful”, is up next and is highlighted by jazzy piano riffs, echoing vocals, laid back bassline, and punchy drums.  “The Harmony Inside”, finishes things off and also includes the help of a couple more producers, Persianov & KNR.  The song starts off with a steady Amen style drum pattern, which is eventually complimented by a steady underlying sub bassline.  The song hits its stride when the electric guitar riffs join in and take the track to the next level.  Uplifting vibes from nClear & Eugenics Eight!!

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