Secret Structures – Atlantis Lost EP


Soul Deep Digital is proud to announce the debut release from Secret Structures. The Los Angeles native lays down some deep soundscapes that help capture the emotions of the listener, while the beats keep things moving along. The title track, “Atlantis Lost”, kicks things off with its snappy drums, sweet pads, and absolutely epic vocals. The song was begging for a Remix treatment, so Silence Groove was called in to provide the bonus mix. The remix captures the mood and emotions of the original version, but takes things a bit deeper with it’s stripped down drums and extra sounds. “Forgive Me”, takes over where the title track left off, providing a melancholic vocals over steady drums, and serene pads. The EP is rounded out with “Dogs Wearing Sunglasses”, which features light ticking drums, smooth
pads, moody bassline, and rhythmic vocal stabs. Overall, the EP shows off Secret Structures ability to create smooth grooves and string together beautiful melodies, all while maintaining a dance floor appeal. What a first glance into what Secret Structures has in store for us!!

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