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Soul Deep Exclusives and Soul Connection are proud to announce the release of the Ever Blazing EP, which is now available in all major stores and streaming sites. In this soul-scorching journey, we dive into the world of Serbian producer extraordinaire, Soul Connection. The iconic producer is well known for his monumental releases on Soundtrax, Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Inform, Influenza, and many other highly respected labels.

The Ever Blazing EP shows off the diversity of Soul Connection’s production abilities. His iconic Liquid productions include many classics that have stood the difficult test of time. He flashes his diversity on “Ever Blazing” and “Straight Dubbing”, with both tunes featuring driving drums, heavy basslines, dub-influenced soundscapes, all with a deep underlying tone that connects them back to his roots. The edgy mid basslines in the songs are sure to please the dancefloor massive. “I Want You To Stay”, flaunts Soul Connection’s ability to combine classic jungle drums and basslines with his floating synths and ethereal vocals. “It’s Been A Long Time”, also takes on a more Jungle-style approach, with its choppy drums, bouncy baseline, and sweeping synths.

Overall, Soul Connection has created more production magic for the fans of his music. In the process, he’s added some new sound spectrums to his arsenal. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the master at work. Check out the blazing sounds!!

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