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Treex returns to Soul Deep for another funked up, Liquid extravaganza. The EP kicks off with the title track, “Melancholy Man,” which features snappy drums, soft pads, rolling sub, uplifting strings, and an energetic mid-range bassline layer that adds the right amount of grit to the tune. Next up is “Funked Up,” in which Treex takes a very funky approach to writing a dancefloor filler. The song starts out with a shrieking classic funk sample, layered with funky guitar riffs, and popping drums. When the drop hits, the funky backdrop is layered with an Amen loop, which adds energy to the drums, and a busy bassline that plucks along underneath the groove. The vocalists sing out the word, “Funkdafied,” which is a great description of what the listener is hearing. “Craving,” is up next and features an intoxicating guitar loop, snappy drums, echoing whispering vocals, deep sub bassline, and an aggressive mid bassline that adds a sense of urgency to the tune. The EP is rounded out by the flavors of “Tremble,” which is highlighted by a looping synth line, soft Rhodes chords, harmonic Rhodes stabs, groovy drums, and a rolling sub bassline. Overall, this is a wonderful, funked up composition from the French producer, Treex. Rolling!!

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