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Soul Deep Exclusives and Carter are excited to announce the release of the new 4 of 20 EP!! Hailing from Vienna, this experienced Drum & Bass producer has pumped out consistent releases on some of the top labels in the game. With releases on Jazzsticks Recordings, Liquid V, Soul Deep Recordings, Digital Blus, Fokuz, Celsius, Sheer Velocity, and Good Looking, he has raised the bar on jazzy Drum & Bass productions. The 4 of 20 EP continues this pattern and elevates his musical expertise to new heights. “Where We Just Can’t Begin,” kicks things off with its jazzy chords, Amen drums, and bouncy bassline that fits the groove like a glove. Next up, “Closer Look,” rolls along smooth with its winding synth sample, filtering hooks, snappy drums, tasteful horn blasts, deep sub bassline, and echoing vocal embellishments. “Deep In My Soul,” is up next and features epic pads, echoing efx, steady shuffling drums, floating piano chords, and lush horns. “Strange Moments,” rounds out the EP with its busy Amen drums, jazzy piano keys, evolving synth loops, and rumbling sub bassline. Overall, Carter hits this one out of the park, catching the vibes of the upcoming summer months. Enjoy the ride!!

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