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D.Amadeus, who hails from Sopron, Hungary, takes the world by storm with his new EP entitled, “Drifting Away”. Scott Allen recently featured 3 of the tracks from the EP in his mix for Atmoteka, the link to hear the mix is included below. With big support from Deejays throughout the scene, D.Amadeus has established himself as a mover and shaker in the Liquid game. The Drifting Away EP features some of his best work to date, featuring driving soundscapes in songs like, “Badinage” and “Embrace”, to smooth Liquid rollers like, “Drifting Away”. If this is your first time hearing D.Amadeus's work, prepare to have your mind blown.


Hear Scott Allen supporting D.Amadeus's work on his Atmoteka Guest Mix:
Atmoteka –


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