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Soul Deep Exclusives, Flaco, and Tyler Strauberry, are excited to announce that the “Piragua EP” is now available in all major digital stores and streaming sites. Flaco, who hails from Oakland, and Tyler Strawberry, who resides in Portland, team up to create a unique song that delivers an infectious salsa inspired groove. Flaco, who has enjoyed recent releases on labels such as Innerground, Prestige, Co-Lab, and Influence, has been carving his niche in the D&B scene for years, and has had success in doing so. Tyler Strauberry, has brought his unique sound to the world and continues to deliver the goods on the Piragua release.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Piragua,” Which is highlighted by a catchy latin vibe. The Salsa samples provide the hook of the song, while the drums and sub bassline provide the perfectly programmed backdrop. Flaco, goes solo on the second track, “Slow Drip.” The track showcases his ability to create a solid dancefloor groove, with its snappy drums, big sub bassline, and dirty mid bassline that adds a bit of grit to the song. Overall, Soul Deep is thrilled to have these talented artists represented on the label. Listeners will love what they hear! Vibes!

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