Various Artists – Unsung Heroes 12


Soul Deep Recordings has been delivering quality Drum & Bass for 8 years. In that time, they’ve created a well known Series for breaking newer artists entitled, “Unsung Heroes.” The series has broken many new artists on the series including R1C0, Satl, Aetherial, Leniz, CPH, Critical Event, Aperio, ALB, Cnof, Flashback FM, Cosmic Sequence (Distance), Against, Alexvnder, InnaSelf, Melinki, Soul Connection, Radicall, Greekboy, Dip Vertigo, and many others. The latest edition of the series takes on the same mission of taking some up and coming artists and thrusting them into the spotlight for the Drum & Bass community to take notice. From the soothing sounds of Lasu – “Evergreen,” the heavier feeling of Chrizz0r – “ZipcanĂ„,” the funky rolling vibes of Leniz – “Let’s Ride,” to the signature sound of the one, Spikey Tee, there is something on this album for everyone to appreciate. Soul Deep would like to thank all of the artists who took the time to write, perfect, and eventually sign their songs over to Soul Deep. The label takes great pride in representing the artists, and pushing the Drum & Bass sound that we all love. Enjoy the ride!!

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Leniz – Let's Ride mp3, Leniz – Let's Ride Wav, Stimpy – Makes Now mp3, Stimpy Makes Now Wav, Chrizz0r – Zipacna mp3, Chrizz0r – Zipacna Wav, Spikey Tee – Falling mp3, Spikey Tee – Falling Wav, I-Cue – Hold It Down mp3, I-Cue – Hold It Down Wav, Confusious – Can You Feel It mp3, Confusious – Can You Feel It Wav, Lasu – Evergreen mp3, Lasu – Evergreen Wav, Shodan – Jazzballs mp3, Shodan – Jazzballs Wav, Echo B – How We Do mp3, Echo B – How We Do Wav, Stimpy – Take This Funk mp3, Stimpy – Take This Funk Wav, Synthetic Journey – All About Time mp3, Synthetic Journey – All About Time Wav, Motiv ft. Lady Emz – Don't Leave mp3, Motiv ft. Lady Emz – Don't Leave Wav, Motiv ft. Lady Emz – Don't Leave (Instrumental) mp3, Motiv ft. Lady Emz – Don't Leave (Instrumental) Wav, Duoscience – Roma mp3, Duoscience – Roma Wav, NRDFCE – Jazz Advice mp3, NRDFCE – Jazz Advice Wav, Auspicious – Darker Days mp3, Auspicious – Darker Days Wav, Josephs Perception – Green Light mp3, Josephs Perception – Green Light Wav, Oddsoul – Closer mp3, Oddsoul – Closer Wav, Paradigm Shifter – Express Myself mp3, Paradigm Shifter – Express Myself Wav, Recall – Night In Lisbon mp3, Recall – Night In Lisbon Wav, Fishy – Tonight mp3, Fishy – Tonight Wav, Spikey Tee – Beyond Control mp3, Spikey Tee – Beyond Control Wav, NRDFCE – Succession mp3, NRDFCE – Succession Wav, LN4 & Simple Souls – Won't You mp3, LN4 & Simple Souls – Won't You Wav, Fishy – Sea mp3, Fishy – Sea Wav, Motif – Mystery Box mp3, Motif – Mystery Box Wav, G-reg – A.T. mp3, G-reg – A.T. Wav, Thread – Changes mp3, Thread – Changes Wav, Fokus – Promises mp3, Fokus – Promises Wav, Whole EP mp3, Whole EP Wav

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