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Soul Deep Exclusives and Furney are proud to announce the release of the Urban Blue LP, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming platforms. The legendary producer, who is now based out of Spain, returns to Soul Deep in true Furney fashion, dropping a 13 track album that shows off his immense talent for writing tunes. You could argue that his most incredible talent is the ability to dig for samples and find hair raising snippets to layer over his impeccable beats. The Urban Blue LP continues his consistently strong line of releases, and features top productions like, “High Calibration”, “Rhode Man”, and “Drifting On a Memory.” The songs from the album represent a wide range of sounds and styles, creating an ultimate listening experience for his admirers. Furney has become a mainstay on the Soul Deep imprint, and the quality of each release is undeniable. His reputation as a top producer has been solidified, and now all of these beautiful productions are just icing on the proverbial cake.

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Here are some reviews by some of the respected producers and deejays in the scene:

Madcap – 9/10 – Top work as always from Furney

Random Movement – 10/10 – Nice work!

Spim – 10/10 – Furney is genius. It is as simple as that!
Epic music. Just buy it!

FX909 – 10/10 – Furney power 🙂 ‘Drifting On A Memory’ is magic!

Jason Magin – 10/10 – If it has “Furney” on it I need it..and so do you!


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High Calibration mp3, High Calibration Wav, Cedar Dream mp3, Cedar Dream Wav, Drifting On a Memory mp3, Drifting On a Memory Wav, Urban Blue mp3, Urban Blue Wav, Astoria mp3, Astoria Wav, Trallersaroe mp3, Trallersaroe Wav, Wonderful Things mp3, Wonderful Things Wav, Just Too Hard To Tell mp3, Just Too Hard To Tell Wav, Yesterdays mp3, Yesterdays Wav, Rhode Man mp3, Rhode Man Wav, Chicoolu mp3, Chicoolu Wav, Isolate mp3, Isolate Wav, Guidance mp3, Guidance Wav, Whole LP mp3, Whole LP Wav

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