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Soul Deep Exclusives and Furney are proud to announce the release of the new WATERCOLOR MEMORIES LP. After a successful Soul Deep Artist Spotlight LP, the label is thrilled to have him back for an encore selection of tunes, that his fans will truly treasure. You will struggle to find a harder working producer than Furney. The man works tirelessly on his craft, and has been at the top of his game for the last 20 years. Furney, who now resides in Barcelona, is a master at finding obscure samples from records that most people would pass over. For that reason, Furney’s music continues to be unique, as he’s blazing his own trail in the industry. The Watercolor Memories LP will continue to cement Furney’s legacy into the ever-growing thread of Drum & Bass production elite.

The album is a true musical experience from beginning to end. From the dreamy pads of “Haze,” to the ripping Amens of “One Way Street,” and the lingering sub bassline in “Delusions,” the LP is another classic production masterclass from the D&B legend. Soul Deep is honored to release this piece of music, and we hope that you all feel the love that went into producing the album. Essential!!

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