Furney – Without Me EP



Furney returns to Soul Deep with his new selection of liquid gems. Most listeners are very familiar with Furney, and know his history of writing instant classic flavors for the dance floor. This EP is more of the same from the artist now based in Barcelona, Spain. The EP kicks off with the rocking tune, “Without Me,” which features snappy drums, cinematic strings, rolling sub bassline, and a big vocal that carries the track to new levels of freshness. “Every One Of Us,” is up next and features an arpeggiated synth line, popping drums, deep bassline, and the intoxicating vocals of Lady Emz. Emz performs the perfect vocals over the track, seizing the moment with a perfect vocal translation. “Long Distant Relative,” is up next and features big Amen drums, ticking percussion, soaring pads, heavy sub, and a chanting vocal that fits the groove like a glove. The EP is finished off with the sweet roller, “I Can’t Take It,” which is highlighted by stabbing cords, filtered synth elements, soulful vocals, chugging drums, and a punchy bassline that dances perfeclty around the drums. Another classic EP by Furney!!


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