FX909 – Versailles Jazz LP


Soul Deep Exclusives and FX909 are proud to announce the release of the Versaille jazz LP, which is now available in all major stores and streaming platforms. The Paris native is well known in the scene for his legendary productions throughout his legendary run of productions throughout the years. After some quiet years, FX909 has come back with a vengeance, releasing a ton of top music over the last year or two. After his popular Soul Deep Artist Spotlight Album, he returns to Soul Deep with another massive LP, which shows off many different sides of his production. From the early Hardcore breaks influence on “Break” and “Amazon Island”, to the early Jungle influences of “Nobody” and “Select”, and the deep, dance floor vibes of “The Lady In Red” and “Shuffle the Cards”, FX909 delivers on every level. If you’ve been sleeping on FX909, it’s time to witness his greatness first hand. The Versailles jazz EP represents what he’s all about, high quality beats designed to the dancefloor. Here’s what some of his esteemed colleagues have said about his new album:

Random Movement – “nice work!”

Alpha Rhythm – “FX909 is a machine! Big up Alex for gracing us with all this great music!”

Aaron Jay – “Great album here! So many good tracks! Will be supporting! Great work from Alex and big up to Scott for putting this out.”

Cnof – “Great LP!!!! I love it! :)”

Dan Soulsmith – “So much quality here!”

Stunna – “Lovely LP!!!”

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