nCamargo – Onwards EP


Brazilian producer, nCamargo, returns to Soul Deep with an inspiring EP just in time for the long Winter months. The songs have a chilling sort of vibe to them, but they are also very uplifting, which reminds you that Spring is coming soon. The EP kicks off with the track, “Nectar”, which is a smooth Liquid journey into the soul. The song features, soothing vocals, steady popping drums, epic pads, and a gritty bassline. “Spellbound” is up next and features, soulful piano chords, punchy drums, epic chords, and haunting vocals. The title track, “Onwards”, offers up an uplifting journey inwards. The song features Snappy drums, revolving sub bassline, lush pads, piano chords, and shimmering efx. “Sun Mouth”, finishes things off with popping drums, soulful keys, deep sub bassline, and masterful vocals. Welcome to the next level!!

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