Nskul – Inside of Me EP


Nskul, Cnof & Stimpy team up to drop the “Inside of Me EP”. The EP features the original track, “Inside of Me”, and two remixes that give a new spin to the original. The release is led off by the Cnof Remix, which features punchy drums, echoing vocals, techy key stabs, and lush pads. The Stimpy Remix goes a totally different direction, as it abandons the smooth flow and goes for more of a heavier, techy, dance floor stomper. The Stimpy interpretation features whirling chord stabs, heavy drums, driving sub bassline, an edgy mid bassline, and a repetitive vocal loop that provides the essential hook for the tune. The original version finishes things off and features soothing pads, soulful piano chords, reverse pads, light ticking drums, and shimmering key efx. An essential and diverse selection!

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