Simplification & Translate feat. Brunno Junglist & Masterwizard


The weather outside is frightful, but Spring is right around the corner. Soul Deep Exclusives, Simplification & Translate are proud to bring you one step closer to the summer season by dropping this warm roller of an EP that is surely an instant classic. “Summer Vibes”, kicks things off with its screaming flutes, funky guitar licks, earth shaking 808 sub bassline, blasting horns, and snappy drums. The good feelings continue with the second track, “Something Good”, which features punchy drums, warm piano chords, lush keys, and an underlying grimy sub bassline. “My Soul”, is up next and features rolling drums, classic soul vocals, epic pads, and deep sub bassline. “Baby”, wraps things up and brings the summer feel with its Funky guitar riffs, popping drums, soothing vocals, and punch sub bassline. Bring on Summer!!

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