Wanted ID – Break Down



If you haven’t heard of Wanted ID yet, it’s time to take notice. His productions are very unique, as he creates a soundscape that only his creative mind can shape. His new Break Down EP gives you 3 more groovy cuts to try and get a grasp on the vision he’s creating. The EP kicks off with the title track, “Break Down”, which features funky drum samples, tasteful flute samples, quirky efx samples, and a rolling 808 bassline that gives the track it’s undeniable flavor. “Dis Time”, is up next and features smoothly drifting pads, punchy drums layered wisely with an Amen break sample, epic horn samples, chugging percussion, and a perfect sub bassline. The EP finishes strong with another roller entitled, “Clown Charmer”. The song features steady ticking drums, a funky bassline, and plenty of unique sounds and efx that again highlight the creative mind of Wanted ID.

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