Unsung Heroes 14


Soul Deep Digital is proud to announce the release of the latest installment of the Unsung Heroes Series. The series is well known for breaking newer artists and giving experienced producers a platform for getting their music heard. Many top artists have been featured in the series over the years including the likes of R1C0, Satl, Aetherial, Leniz, CPH, Critical Event, Aperio, ALB, Cnof, Physics, Degster, Simplification & Translate, Flashback FM, Cosmic Sequence (Distance), Against, Alexvnder, InnaSelf, Melinki, Soul Connection, Radicall, Greekboy, JazzInspired, Dip Vertigo, and many others.

The latest edition of the series takes on the same mission of thrusting some up and coming artists into the spotlight for the Drum & Bass community to take notice. From the soothing sounds of Sentierum’s, “CinemaScope”, the heavier feeling of Con-Figure’s – “Take Me Home“, the Liquid sounds of Ben Rolo’s, “Compromise”, the funky rolling vibes of Alpho’s – “Bitter Suite”, to the jazzy sounds of, Syncline, there is something on this album for everyone to appreciate. Soul Deep would like to thank all of the artists who took the time to write, perfect, and sign their songs over to Soul Deep. The label takes great pride in representing the artists, and pushing the Drum & Bass sound that we all love. Enjoy the ride!!

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Syncline – Simple Phrase, Lasu – Modular, Alpho – Bitter Suite, MidKnighT MooN – Be Like, Dash – No Limits, Impression – Higher Cosciousness, Saampl – Let It Riain, Impression – Little by Little, Traxx Project – Beautiful, Sentierum – Emerald, Ben Rolo – Compomise, Freebird – The Eleventh Hour, Radias – Stakes Are High, Amante – About You, Sentierum – CineScope, Vectasonic – Only You, Ciland – For Real, Amante – Bristol Blue, Artsea – Escaping, Fitchett – Defiance, Focal Tone & Pyxis – Stolen, Con-Figure – Stray, Qumulus – Beautiful Solitude, Con-Figure – Take Me Home, Con-Figure – Follow Your Senses, Sentierum – Arhus, Talix – Undertone, Xen – Losing Game, Chromantis – Reflections, Xen – Find Time, Unsung Heroes LP – Wav

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