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Soul Deep Digital and JazzInspired are proud to announce the release of ‘The Distant Future LP’, which is now available in all major digital stores and streaming sites. JazzInspired has burst upon the scene with consistent quality releases on such labels as Soul Deep, Smooth N Groove, Liquid Drops, Sheer Velocity, and many others. His tracks are a unique blend of unapologetic Jazzy embellishments, pummeling percussion, and rolling breaks, that set the backdrop for his unique musical soundscapes. The Austin (USA) native brings some of his best work to light with the release of his new LP on Soul Deep. From the all out dance floor assault of “Time Is All We Have”, to the smooth rolling vibes of “Soul.vation”, JazzInspired has created an LP that will definitely put him on the list of producers to watch. In fact, the “Distant Future LP” has been listed in Beatport’s ‘Hype Picks’, so they’re taking note of JazzInspired’s monumental release. If you haven’t taken the time to check out the sounds of JazzInspired, the time has come! This LP will definitely make you an instant fan!

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Rollin' Deep mp3, Rollin' Deep Wav, Time Is All We Have mp3, Time Is All We Have Wav, Moving Parts mp3, Moving Parts Wav, Soul.vation mp3, Soul.vation Wav, Better Luck Next Time mp3, Better Luck Next Time Wav, The Jazz Thing mp3, The Jazz Thing Wav, Dealing With the Changes mp3, Dealing With the Changes Wav, The Distant Future mp3, The Distant Future Wav, Dibby Dibby Dub mp3, Dibby Dibby Dub Wav, Know Your Worth mp3, Know Your Worth Wav, Dub People mp3, Dub People Wav, Whole EP mp3, Whole EP Wav

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