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Soul Deep Recordings and Furney are proud to present new Sunsets EP, now available on Soul Deep Exclusives!! Furney has been cranking out impressive tunes for what seems like an eternity. His style is easily recognizable and is unmatched in the production world. Furney’s latest effort is a 4 track EP, which varies in style, but has some of the deepest samples that you’ll ever hear. “Sunsets”, kicks things off in stylish fashion with it’s cinematic strings samples, subtle rhodes chords, heavy amen drums, and rolling sub bassline. Classic Furney vibes on this one. “Rapid Eye Movement”, takes over next with it’s scratchy record efx, deep reverberated chords, chugging percussion, and smooth bassline. The song twists and turns throughout the abyss, while evoking memories and emotions that lye within. “I’m Known as Danni Around These Parts”, is a jazzy Drum & Bass work out that is groovy from beginning to end. The Amen drums and jazzy chords bring the listener to the break down. When the drop hits, the bassline takes over and rolls smoothly underneath the layers of musical bliss. “Not Far Now”, finishes off the EP in impressive fashion with it’s revolving synth line, swanky horn samples, and booming bassline. From beginning to end, this EP ranks up there with Furney’s best. Essential!!

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